Videos of talks, documentaries, etc.

A conversation on AI, machines, embodiment, mind and life with Tom Froese for the program Entrevistas (im)posibles, broadcast by UNAM TV, Mexico on 13 September 2016. In Spanish.


Also available here.


La mente corporizada (2014). A short documentary produced by the University of Zaragoza (English subtitles).

The embodied mind from Universidad de Zaragoza on Vimeo.


A talk on Embodiment, Enaction and the Social invisible, given at the Enaction Summer School in Ireland in 2010.


Ezequiel Di Paolo: “Introduction to The Future of the Embodied Mind Summer School”, 5/9/2011.

Short interview during the Future of the Embodied Mind Summer School.

Tres 14 Pop science TV program on consciousness for Spanish TV (RTVE) (04/2011).



Shallow and deep embodiment: Reasons for embracing enactivism. Alergic/Life & Mind talk at University of Sussex, 4th February, 2009.