Moving my webpage

This is something long overdue. I’m now in the process of moving my old Sussex webpage (which was still being updated) to WordPress. This will make updates easier as well as the possibility of adding better content and this blog.

Why WordPress and not a “typical” academic page associated with the institutions I’m affiliated with? Well, because in general universities provide silly restrictions to format, functionality and content (it wasn’t quite the case at Sussex during the time I was there, not sure how it is now) and they don’t update with the times. But perhaps more importantly, because it seems to me that affiliations these days are much more loose and a matter of convenience. I feel more strongly affiliated to a network of researchers around the globe who share similar interests and passions than to a stuffy bureaucratic machine that manufactures degrees and papers either out of sheer inertia (in Spain) or for profit (in the UK).

So there it is. I hope to bring some thoughts here about the latest research work as well as more general concerns. The interesting and the important stuff.



3 thoughts on “Moving my webpage”

  1. It is good to see, that more and more people cross and expand the baundries of communication and cooperation! 🙂

    The WordPress profile is a neutral and elegant form of interacting with researchers from all over the world. It is undeniably much more open, than any kind of ‘stuffy bureaucratic machine’ 😉

    Waiting for more thoughts about the lates research work and more general concerns.
    Especially, for these interesting and important stuff 🙂


      1. I am exploring your profile now 🙂 listenning and watching your presentation on
        embodied mind during the summer school. I wish I could had been there. Maybe next time I will have more luck 😉

        I wish you more time 🙂

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